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Long Arm Quilting

      Pricing is based on square inches. To determine the
      square inches in the quilt, multiply the length x width.
      Multiply number of inches by the price. 

      Basic Edge to Edge Quilting .015 Per Square Inch with
      a min. $40.00 charge

      Intricate Edge to Edge Quilting
      0.02 Per Square Inch with a min. $50.00
      charge. This includes intricate designs. 

      Semi-custom 0.03 Per Square Inch with 
      a min. $55.00 charge
      Panto-graphs or meandering with one custom border. 

      Custom .05 Per Square Inch with a min $100.00 charge 
      Multiple block work and borders. 

      Specialty thread $5.00-$7.00 per quilt.

      Binding $0.25 per inch. Machine applied & hand finished on back with your 
      Will cut and make binding from your fabric for--$10.00.
      Binding by machine  $0.20 per inch.

      $5.00 per seam (repairs, extensions for backing, 
      adjustments, etc.)

      Batting by Hobbs 80/20  $8.00 per yard.

      Basting for Hand Quilting $30.00 and up. 

      Please call or email for quote.

     (Prices subject to change without notice: 4/1/2016)
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